Let's put an end to poverty world-wide! 

Kapasi International Relief and Education Assistance

KIREA is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization that was registered in May 2012 as a private foundation.  The foundation was set up to meets the basic needs of individuals who are living in poverty around the world.  The foundation aids in the relief of poverty in developing nations by providing food, education, and other basic necessities for life to persons in need.

 We are a grass roots organization in contact with individuals in the developing nations at the grass roots level who aid us.  Currently, on the ground, we have agents in India, Pakistan, and East Africa who help us carry out our objectives.

All the work done on behalf of KIREA is on a voluntary basis so we have minimum administrative costs. 

We have two main objectives:  Relief of poverty and Education assistance.

​Contact Information:   info@kirea.ca