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Kapasi International Relief and Education Assistance

  • ​The Cuddapah Rural Development for Youth Welfare Samithi (CRYS), Andhra Pradesh, India.  KIREA is supporting this organization in India whose main objective to get children back to school.  These are children who can't afford to be in school or children who are used as labour or are on the streets.  The organization also does a lot of community outreach to educate parents on the importance of education for their children.

  • Divya Jyothi Mahila Mandali (DJMM), Andhra Pradesh, India.  KIREA’s project  helped 15 women earn a living by teaching them how to make baskets out of bamboo sticks and selling them.  They were given the training and the supplies to get started.​​​

At KIREA, we value the environment so please do not send hard copies of grant requests/proposals. We will only accept electronic copies.


  • Watye Ki Gen income generating project in Northern Uganda.  
  • One day Medical clinic at Chakuwama Orphanage Home, Dar-es-Salaam, TZ

Past Projects:

  ​Registration # 84054 2286 RR0001

  • Building a multipurpose hall at Faith School in Olwiyo, Northern Uganda, which is home to approximately 80 orphaned children in 2015. 

Current projects -  India, Pakistan, Uganda, and Tanzania