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Working with partner NGOs in developing countries to implement our projects, we provide necessities of life, training and supplies to groups of women in our self-subsisting projects.


Sustainable Poultry farming

This poultry eggs project was conceived to improve the economic growth among elders and people with disability, and improve the quality of life and general health of the elders by providing quality diet which includes protein.


Tailoring Programs

​KIREA is working with organizations on the ground to train, finance, support women and empower them to become self reliant. With the help of the organzations on the ground in India, Nepal, and Kenya, we provide 3 to 6 month training in tailoring and/or embroidary skills.  In addition, some of the women also receive sewing machines to help them start their own businesses.


Basket Making

KIREA’s project  has helped women earn a living by teaching them how to make baskets out of bamboo sticks and selling them.  They were given the training and the supplies to get started.


Empowering indigenous women through bee keeping

We have trained 4 groups of 25 women on bee keeping and marketing of honey in markets to increase the knowledge of bees and bees culture 


Agriculture Training

This project aimed to increase the capacity of impoverished households' income and food production of the formerly abducted mothers by The Lords Resistance Army in Northern Uganda .

KIREA 's project involved a group of women who were given training, farm land (rented), and soya beans, sesame seeds, beans, and farming tools to help them farm and work their way to a sustainable living.​


Dairy Farming

KIREA's dairy farming projects help women realize a self employment opportunity and a source of regular income by providing them with dairy cattle and training. The women are trained to look after the animals and milk them daily to generate income by selling the milk locally. Locally sourced building materials are also provided to construct cattle sheds and water tubs for their animals.


Goat Rearing Projects

These projects help women to realize a self employment opportunity and a source of regular income by providing them initially with 5 goats and training. The women are also trained to look after the animals and raise them to sell in the local market.


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