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  • Letter to KIREA requesting funds and reasons for the request. Please include family background.

  • University name, address, program of studies, and number of years of the program that is requested for sponsorship 

  • Admission letter from University indicating program and number of years for successful completion of program

  • Tuition fees schedule from the University for the successful completion of the program

  • Total cost for the year and how much of the total cost will the student contribute and sources of funding

  • Previous and most recent transcripts

  • Letter from a sponsor who is an administrator at the University or professor and who is intimately familiar with the student and their financial circumstances who can vouch for the validity of the request. A letter from the President of another NGO who is intimately aware of the student’s circumstances will also be accepted.


Upon successful application:

  • Student will agree to forward all University transcripts upon completion of each semester to KIREA

  • Student will agree to allow the use of name and photo for all KIREA’s promotional materials in print and/or online

  • KIREA will pay tuition fees directly to the University

  • Costs of books and supplies may be covered if they can be paid directly to the University

  • All living costs are the responsibility of the student

  • NOTE: it is KIREA’s policy to NOT give any funds directly to the student

Support for each successive semester or year of the program will be based on student’s performance and transcripts received. KIREA will withdraw support for any unsuccessful completion of a semester or year.


All documents can be sent via email to

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